Hp Printer Drivers

Process of Download and Installation of HP Printer Drivers
How to download HP Printer Drivers?
First step in the process of installation of HP Printer Drivers is to Download it. Downloading the Driver software is a simple task, you need not follow any difficult procedure.

To begin with the process you have to turn on your computer system. Go to the web browser to launch it. This can be any web browser of your choice, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. You just have to ensure that the browser you choose should have an updated version.
Locate the address bar, which is generally at the top of your browser window. Here, type “123.hp.com” and press Enter. This will take you to the official site of HP Products.
In the home page window that appears on your screen, look for a search bar. This search bar asks for your model number. Enter the model number of your HP Printer here.
To find your Model number, look at the front side of your device.
Once you have entered your model number correctly, click the “Search” button.
Now, the “Install Printer Software” window appears on your screen. This window has a “Download” tab on it. Click this tab.
As you click the above, the process of the download of HP Printer Drivers will start. You can check the status of this process in the footer of your browser window.
With this, the process of Download of your HP Printer Drivers completes.

Further, you have to know that the process of installation of HP Printer Drivers varies on the operating system that you are using. We have a list of procedural steps that you can follow. The steps for Windows and Mac users are listed separately.


How to Install Drivers for Mac?
Once the download of HP Printer Drivers is complete, read the following steps. For your Apple device having Mac as Operating System, follow the procedure for Installation of HP Printer Drivers. 

Go to the Finder Bar that is on the left-hand side of your screen. 
After that, type (Download) to search for the Download Folder, here and press enter. 
As soon as the Downloads folder appears, locate the setup file that you have just downloaded. 
After that, double click on this file and it will show a pop-up box that verifies that the software is compatible with installation or not. 
Consequently, you will now be directed to a new window. This window contains all the terms and conditions regarding the End User License Agreement, Information Collected During the Setup Process, Product Improvement Data Collection.
Each document has its own checkbox, in case you agree of that particular term, tick the checkbox against it. 

Generally, there are two options first Wireless Connection and second USB Connection mode. 
The next step in this process is to connect your PC or Laptop to your HP Printer. You can choose either of the ways to connect your device, Wireless, and Wired. 
If your printer is Wi-Fi enabled. Then, Turn on the Wi-Fi connectivity of both your printer and your PC or Laptop whichever we choose. Now, connect your devices. he actual HP Printer Drivers installation process will start. This again might take some time. It is a suggestion that you must not close the window or turn off your system during this process. 
Finally, to complete the process you need to enter your Mac Credentials. After entering your Username and password correctly, you have to click on the Install Software button. 
Thereafter the software will be installed, now the “Add Printer” window prompts on your screen.  
Here, choose your printer from the list and thereafter, click on the Add button. 
In the next step, the Print Test window will appear. To start the test, click on the Print Test Page tab. Load your printer with plain A-4 size paper. If you do not want to run the test, click on the Skip button. 
In the end, click on the Close button and this completes the HP Printer Drivers Installation. 
With this, the process of Download and Installation of HP Printer Drivers completes. 


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